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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Aug 6, 2007 9:45am
Forum: web Subject: Re: Remove a Review filled with swear words?

Words can be evil? I understand you may be religious but that statment is unprovable. Words are inherently tools of communication and cannot have a soul or use free will. The words may be offensive but have you seen the other stuff on here? Search jihad for examples of evil or jenna for examples of porn for instance. Although I respect your opinion and your right to express it, I fail to see how a word can be evil.

For instance, I can say excrement, poop, doodoo, feces, crap, turd, etc but I cannot say shit? God has a thesaurus and deemed and english word evil long before it was used? I can use the verb defecate with immunity but saying I shit makes me a sinner? You are going to scare off even the most conservative folks with that logic.

Let's talk now about fornication, procreation, and "go forth and multiply". I can say "go forth and multiply" in another way and it's wrong?

As for the "God Damn", which I believe is the crux of your argument to pun a phrase, I believe the sin you refer to is using god's name in vain. Again, there are much bigger fishes to fry, search jihad and see his (or his translational equivalent) name used in vain for murderous reasons. That is a problem, using the common vernacular may be offensive to you but does not warrant modification or censorship of reviews. Someone may have poor taste of words and come off as offensive, but that does not make it or them evil. Plenty of death row inmates have found jesus and are forgiven in your eyes, but I think they should burn in hell regardless, am I evil? Yes I am, am I evil? I am man.